Love Waterfall

Located in San Sa Ho Commune, Sapa District, Lao Cai Province, the Love Waterfall is about 14km from Sapa Town to the Southwest direction, about 3.2km from O Quy Ho Mountain Pass. Love Waterfall tourist destination in Sapa is the start for those who are passionate about conquering Fansipan- the highest mountain in Vietnam.

Love Waterfall

The waterfall is about 1800 meters high above sea level, located far within the area of ​​Hoang Lien National Park. To reach the waterfall, visitors will go along the trail surrounded by the wild beauty of the bright red rhododendron bushes blending with the silky green of the swaying bamboo in the wind of the jungle.

At the height of nearly 100 meters, the waterfall fills water to the poetic Golden Stream for all day and night. Crossing the bumpy rocks, through the pouring water areas, and then there is only the gentle flowing stream near the diverse primary forests. Along with Cat Cat Waterfall and Silver Waterfall, Love Waterfall is considered as famous spots attracting tourists. .

Love Waterfall is not as spectacular and big as Silver Waterfall but visitors can still bath here thanks to the clean and safe lake underneath. Looking down from above, the waterfall, the stream are as beautiful as a gold silk under the sun; the water droplets bump into the stone, sparkling like crystals; silverfish swims in the shoals under the crystal and cool water.

Love waterfall

Along the stream, there is a trail of about 1.6km tracking back into the primary forest area. Visitors can freely take photos or walk into streams, organize entertainment games, etc. Those factors provide visitors a comfortable and relaxed feeling together with calm soul to immerse themselves in the beauty of the mountains and forests to leave behind  the hustle and tiredness of the life out there.

Visiting Love Waterfall of Sapa attractions will be a great choice for travelers. There are places that have really become a miracle in every journey of visitors by not only the charming of the scenery but also by a hidden treasure afterwards.

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