Silver Waterfall

Thac Bac Waterfall (Silver Falls) Sapa is an ideal tourist destination visited by many young people who love the taste of the mountains. As a gift from nature to Sapa, the murmuring sound of streams can also create unique and peaceful mountain sounds. This place can soothe your soul after a period of hard work.

Thac Bac Waterfall is a poetic name describing the white waterfall flowing down the stream, looking like a silver strip suspended between the fresh green and fresh Sapa mountains.

Silver Waterfall has an incredible scenery

With a height of 200 m, Silver Waterfall owns an incredible scenery rare and hard to find, so it is consistently on the list of the most beautiful waterfalls in Vietnam. To reach Thac Bac Waterfall, you will go through roads with soaring pine forests, green chayote gardens, and most gorgeous terraced fields, not to mention the areas of brilliant flowers blooming make so many people addicted to travel to fall in love.

Thac Bac (Silver) Waterfall is like a watercolor painting that captivates so many nature-loving souls.

Location: San Xa Ho Commune, Sapa District, Lao Cai Province (15 km from Sapa town towards Lai Chau and Dien Bien provinces)

The way to Thac Bac (Silver) Waterfall makes you feel like you are lost in a poetic fairy tale world. A romantic appearance with the image of water rushing down from a high ravine, white foam like a band of fog that appears and disappears from time to time. Each cascade is like a musical note at times of flight, ups, and downs in a violin concerto full of magic and mystery.

From afar, you can already hear the enchanting sound of the waterfall

From afar, you can already hear the enchanting sound of the waterfall, prompting your feet to run to find the source of that seductive sound. The atmosphere here can quickly dispel the fatigue and sorrow of the hustle and bustle of life.

Steps to help you reach the Silver Waterfall

Currently, the way to the waterfall has built steps to help you reach Silver Waterfall. Although it is pretty temporary, it also makes your trip easier. In addition, you can stop at rest stops to regain your strength to continue climbing.

You can find food and souvenir shops at the foot of the waterfall:

-The food is diverse and plentiful, such as grilled skewers, chestnuts, grilled chicken eggs… however, with a high price, recommends preparing food and drinks with you if you intend to stay camping, Picnic, etc.

A unique feature, before going to Thac Bac, you will go through a center of production and research of the largest cold-water salmon and aquatic product in Vietnam. Those who love this field can stop here to visit before visiting Silver Waterfall.

Any time of the year can make your trip to discover Silver Waterfall an exciting experience.

The summertime from February to June is the most suitable time frame. At this time, the Silver Waterfall flow is quite strong. The scenery of the mountains and forests is also greener and more beautiful.

In winter, there may be no water. The snow covers both Silver Falls and O Quy Ho Pass, making your experience of watching the falls not as desired, in return, the image of each wave of snowflakes fluttering in the winter sky.

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